New Moon produces hand-crafted rugs that are woven in Nepal, free from child labor. Made from 100% Tibetan wool and Chinese Silk, our Tibetan rugs range from traditional antique reproductions, Orientals and transitional designs, to contemporary and modern pieces. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, this family owned company provides quality, artisan area rugs worldwide.
Although it may create an instant shine, the chemical washes given many new rugs strip the wool of its lanolin, which is a natural stain repellent. New Moon rugs when new may not appear as shiny as some others, but there is a reason for that. New Moon rugs are not given harsh chemical washes. The natural patina reveals itself after a few years of exposure to light and air, actually improving with age. With a bit of care, a rug washed only with soap and water will improve with age, developing a soft, silky patina.
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"The rugs are well-made and beautiful and the design is stunning! The staff at New Moon was very accommodating, easy to work with and very helpful! I highly recommend New Moon for people who want high quality, unique and gorgeous rugs!"
Designer - Morristown, NJ

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