New Moon’s Journey to Nepal

Since my father began New Moon back in 1993, Nepal has always held a special place in our hearts. Our almost 25 years of experience spending time in Nepal and cultivating our rug line has allowed us to create the beautifully crafted, high-quality rugs our brand is known for, while continuing to stay a company that is socially and environmentally responsible. That’s the New Moon Difference.
In November, I took a trip (with my daughter Isabel!) to visit our production facility in Nepal. It was an inspiring and refreshing reminder of the tradition and craftsmanship our brand was founded on. From the women in our workshop skillfully perfecting each weave, to the office staff ensuring quality and precision, every aspect made me so proud to be a part of this process.
Our workshop and employees in Nepal are what truly set us apart from other rug makers and I’m excited to share a brief peek into the process with you! Take a look at how we carry forward the thread of one of mankind’s oldest art forms with modern designs grounded in Nepali tradition.

5 thoughts on “New Moon’s Journey to Nepal

  1. Lynnsey Doles ASID, IIDA

    Absolutely love your rugs! Love the process even more. As a designer, I am humbled to be part of the journey that is kind to the environment, sustains a an ancient way of life, and continues a magnificent tradition of art! One day I hope to visit Nepal as well.

  2. Laurie Seltenright

    Thank you for sharing your trip to Nepal with your daughter and for creating an environment that is supportive of artist there and Designers here!


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